Bottlenose Dolphins And The Tuna Industry

If you’ve ever examined the cans of tuna that you eat you may have noticed a special type of announcement on it saying that the tuna you are eating is dolphin friendly, especially for bottlenose dolphins. There is a big issue with catching tuna and dolphins at the same time. Since the dolphins are searching for large schools of fish to eat, tuna fisherman are heading right into bottlenose dolphin habitat to catch these fish.

The issue has happen within the last 20 years when a lot of bottlenose dolphins have got died due to the tuna business. Fishermen use purse seine nets that form a circle around the tuna and then pull the catch onto the boat. It was quite common to see bottlenose dolphins end up with the catch of tuna and they would end up dying. It acquired come to the stage where dolphins could actually be considered an endangered species if the problem was not immediately corrected.

In 1950, there were approximately 1, 000, 000 dolphins swimming around in the Black Sea compared to 1970 when there were only 70, 000 dolphins inhabiting this sea. Bottlenose dolphins are one of many types of dolphins in which live here and their own bottlenose dolphin habitat has to be protected.

In 1990 the government of the united states put a regulation into effect that labeled tuna cans as being dolphin safe. It then boycotted any kind of countries in which weren’t following dolphin safe practices to catch their tuna. Some of the countries that had a great embargo set on their tuna incorporated Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela among others.

Bottle nosed dolphins really are a beautiful as well as loving sea creature that deserve a lot more respect than what may be seen from the tuna business. The bottlenose dolphin habitat must be protected using safe tuna fishing. In order because of this safe level to be considered acceptable in the united states, less than 5000 dolphins may be killed every year in the country selling the actual tuna.

This dolphin safe practice had been started in the united states but many other countries must take part in it at the same time. Fishing is a worldwide business and bottlenose dolphins inhabit many different parts of the planet. If we are to notice these grand creatures then tuna fishing and other types of fishing which endanger dolphins must be corrected on a global basis.

There are other things that are endangering the bottlenose dolphins and the bottlenose dolphin habitat as well. In Peru, for illustration, dolphin is recognized as a delicacy and they are killed for their meat. In a number of other parts of the world you can find marine activity parks that house dolphins to perform for audiences. These dolphins don’t do as well in captivity and during the first 24 months approximately 50% of them will die. It’s crucial that you implement measures to shield dolphins around the globe in any way we can.

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